Landlord and Tenant

There are a wide range of situations when either the landlord or tenant can seek assistance in determining aspects of their lease arrangement.

Seel & Co has a long history of supporting both landlords and tenants in these negotiations, and in providing background information to enable informed decision making and cost calculations.

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  • We act on behalf of clients to advise on the implementation, negotiation and formulation of rent review procedures as contained in commercial leases. Our Surveyor works closely with clients to:
  • Analyse the relevant lease(s).
  • Serve or acknowledge the rent review notice, depending on whether the client is the landlord or tenant.
  • Inspect the property.
  • Provide a report detailing comparable evidence and recommendations and an estimate of rental value.
  • Negotiate the rent with the opposing side.
  • Prepare a detailed précis of evidence/submission and make representations at oral hearings.
  • Complete a Rent Review Memorandum detailing the new rent when the revised rent is determined.

If you are thinking of renting your commercial premises we are able to advise you on the rental potential of your property in the current market.

We would also be able to help you locate tenants for your property within our Commercial Letting Department and effectively and efficiently liaise with clients and tenants to enable an amicable Lease agreement is entered into.

A Schedule of Condition is generally required for commercial properties but can also be used on residential and is used by tenants or landlords to record the condition of the property when they either:

  1. take up occupancy at the commencement of their Lease, or
  2. extend their current lease.

Our surveyor would inspect the property both internally and externally and review its current condition, which will be detailed in a comprehensive report.

Dilapidation Reports are specifically aimed at property owners concerned about defects visible on their property or are worried about possible defects occurring due to nearby activities of third parties. They typically apply when a tenant surrenders their lease or it expires.
We can provide you with comprehensive valuations detailing the rental possibility of commercial and/or residential property you may be thinking of purchasing.