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Property block management services

Seel & Co Ltd is a long established family firm of Chartered Surveyors providing bespoke Apartment Block Management and Estate Management services to our clients using a dedicated team of professionals.

Using tailor-made software geared to the management of service charge accounts we work with you to ensure that all your responsibilities under your Lease and Statutory Legislation are properly met.

We provide a personal, efficient and comprehensive service to our clients and it is the quality of that service which is one of the most important criteria’s for us to achieve. We try to think of and treat your property as if it were our own home.

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Excellent communications, careful selection of service providers and regular monitoring of your property provides quality of service and value for money by individually understanding your needs.

Providing sound advice regarding future budgeting, planning maintenance projects and providing adequate levels of reserves for a site are essential aspects of apartment block management. Strictly governed by both the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, ARMA and the Financial Conduct Authority, all client money is held under the clients protection scheme and accounted for daily.

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Management fees

Our fee for administering the management of a block of flats would vary with the complexity of the site to be managed. For a typical site it will be based on the number of flats and the complexity of the site.

Please be advised that some services fall outside day-to-day management of the site and may incur additional charges as and when necessary and in agreement with the Client. Any additional charges may be negotiable.

Contact us for a bespoke management fee, tailored to your property and needs.

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Our block management services:

Block Management Utilities Cardiff

Physical maintenance of the common parts, areas or facilities

Every site is different and will have varying common areas to maintain. Every component of the common parts liabilities will be identified and we will arrange for contractors to attend to the periodic maintenance of those internal and external common areas, which may include:

  • Fire alarms / smoke detection systems / smoke vents /extinguishers / dry risers etc
  • Personal alarm / SOS systems (sheltered accommodation)
  • Health & safety inspections
  • Cleaning of internal common parts
  • Internal and external lighting and heating
  • Lift maintenance
  • External / internal window cleaning
  • Door entry systems / automatic gates
  • External hard and soft landscaping
  • Structural and sundry repairs
  • Periodic redecorating and other planned maintenance
Block Management Utilities Cardiff

General Legislation

There is considerable legislation that provides structure to managing a property. This legislation covers a wide range of subjects. Seel & Co will advise and recommend the best course of action specifically for your site.

Block Management Utilities Cardiff

Companies House

If required, we can act as Company Secretary and/or the registered office for a Residents’ Management Company. We act in this capacity of clients.

In this role we deal with all the obligations to Companies House in filing accounts and annual returns together with other miscellaneous returns.

Block Management Insurance Cardiff

Buildings and other insurance

We are authorised by the FCA to arrange general insurance and can provide buildings insurance, engineering policies for lifts and machinery and Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance. We levy a small commission but generally offer very competitive rates.

We deal with all aspects of insurance administration and claims handling and can if required, produce valuations for insurance purposes.

Block Management Utilities Cardiff


Seel and Co have partnered with ARMA Energy in using collective buying power to achieve cheaper electricity and gas rates for our customers.

Competitive quotations are sought from the market and contract end dates carefully monitored to prevent any out of contract rates. ARMA Energy is a service provided by Full Power Utilities who have over 20 years experience in the industry and hold contracts with many commercial and residential clients.

Block Management Utilities Cardiff

Fire Safety

Fire Safety is vital within blocks of flats. Periodic Fire Risk Assessments must be carried out, particularly where physical and/or operational changes affect the fire safety integrity of the building.

Block Management Utilities Cardiff

Caretaker, concierges and wardens

In such instances where a caretaker, concierge or warden is employed on site to fulfil certain duties, we can administer the employment of such individuals organising the payroll and co-ordinating and supervising work duties, etc.

Block Management Utilities Cardiff

Annual Meetings

When requested we will organise the venue and serve notices of annual general meetings / extra-ordinary general meetings. If required, we will also attend these meetings.

Estate management

Whoever is responsible for the management of your building – whether it is the actual landlord or the leaseholders in the form of a resident management company or a right to manage company acting in the landlord’s place – there are significant duties and responsibilities under both the lease and legislation.

These responsibilities arise in three areas: covenants in the lease, statutory requirements and codes of management practice.


ARMA, our governing body, provides a variety of advice guides covering relevant topics

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Collective Enfranchisement

Collective Enfranchisement is the right under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002) for a majority of qualifying lessees in a development to purchase of the freehold.

Seel & Co can advise on the procedure including:-

  • Checking the Eligibility of the building, the tenants etc
  • Organising the company and finances for enfranchisement
  • Choosing the Nominee Purchaser, be it an existing management company or set up a new freehold holding company.
  • Selecting and instructing surveyors and solicitors.
  • Valuing the purchase price from both the Landlord’s and Tenant’s position.
  • Serving the Initial Notice on the landlord.
  • Preparing for the subsequent procedures.

Should you require assistance then please call us to discuss your options.

Further information can be found from the Leasehold Advisory Service either by visiting their website or by downloading LEASE’s introductory guide.

Leasehold Property Transfers

When the sale of a property has been agreed a property transfer process is undertaken in which the vendor’s obligations and title are transferred to the new owner.

We can help and manage the transfer of properties in all the developments we manage including any outstanding charges are settled and deal with the formal receipt of Notices of Transfer and Mortgage, Deeds of Covenant, Land Registry consents and where necessary, the issue of new share or membership certificates to the purchasers.

We deal with the transfer of properties within a development, responding to all Solicitors leasehold questionnaires, providing information and documentation, ensuring that all the legal documents are in place, any outstanding charges are settled, receipting of Notices, issuing consents, registering the purchaser and, where necessary, issuing a new share or membership certificate. This is in addition to service charge management and a fee is charged to the parties concerned.

Section 20

Section 20 is a regulatory three-stage consultation procedure required to be undertaken before placing contracts over a threshold value for works to client’s premises in any one year or before entering into a long-term agreement. In both instances, the process is triggered when the value of the contract exceeds a certain value. It is a transparency exercise intended to ensure that lessees are kept informed of

  1. plans to carry out works or to enter into a contract;
  2. details of the tenders received; and
  3. contractor or service provider to be appointed.

Seel & Co advise our clients when the proposed works are likely to require a section 20. Notices are issued and feedback from lessees is given regard. Failure to follow the correct procedure will result in non-recovery of the full cost of the works, from lessees.

Fire Safety

A fire risk assessment will cover a range of items, which may include:

  • Ensuring fire alarms, if installed, are serviced and tested at appropriate intervals
  • Fire doors are inspected and serviced
  • Fire safety signage is installed
  • Emergency lighting is maintained to the appropriate level
  • Evacuation procedure is clearly understood

The risk assessment will also provide information of how to control or resolve fire safety matters.

General Legislation

There is considerable legislation that provides structure to managing a property. This legislation covers a wide range of subjects including:

  • Accounting and taxation of service charge monies
  • Accounting and taxation of service charge monies
  • Administration of resident management companies
  • Appointing contractors and service providers
  • Asbestos
  • Breaches of a duty of care
  • Breaches of health and safety
  • Data protection
  • Electrical Safety including disposal of electrical items
  • Fire Safety
  • Gas safety
  • Money laundering regulations
  • Smoking restrictions
  • Notification of major works and/or long term agreements
  • Parking patrol
  • Risk Management including assessments, control of hazards, planning for maintenance work
  • Service charge, ground rent and administration charge notices and arrears
  • Working at height
  • Water testing including Legionella

Should any of the above affect the management of the site, Seel & Co will advise and recommend the best course of action specifically for your site.

Right To Manage (RTM)

Right to Manage is a provision in the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 for Leaseholders to implement the transfer of the management of a building to a special company set up by the Leaseholders. Certain conditions need to be met and specific notices issued. Seel & Co can help guide you through this progress.

Lease Extensions

We have the in house expertise to guide you through the process, using Solicitors to issue Notices and Legal documents and we can provide valuations on request using our own RICS Surveyors.


Collective Enfranchisement is the right under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993 (as amended by the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002) for a majority of qualifying lessees in a development to purchase the freehold. Seel & Co can advise on the procedure including:

  • Checking the Eligibility of the building, the tenants etc)
  • Organising the company and finances for enfranchisement
  • Choosing the Nominee Purchaser, be it an existing management company or set up a new freehold holding company
  • Selecting and instructing surveyors and solicitors
  • Providing a valuation of the purchase price from both the Landlord’s and Tenant’s position
  • Serving the Initial Notice on the landlord
  • Preparing for the subsequent procedures

Should you require assistance the please call us to discuss your options.

Welsh Government Leaseholder Support Scheme

The Leaseholder Support Scheme is designed to help people who are in, or facing, significant financial hardship as a direct result of possible fire safety issues affecting their medium or high-rise property. 

The scheme is free and is designed to offer leaseholders advice and solutions to their current financial concerns. Click here for more information on the Leaseholder Support Scheme.

Block management reviews

Read some of our testimonials from clients we have been working with for years 

“Seel & Co have been the management agents for our houses and apartments for more than a decade and we are fully satisfied with the personal service that they provide. We have found their staff to be well motivated and have the technical experience that is essential for resolving the maintenance and security issues that arise. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending them to others seeking similar estate management services.”

L A C Potter

“Seel & Co have carried out block management services for our development of 24 apartments since 2010 and we know we can rely on them to ensure all regulatory requirements are met and that any issues which may arise will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.”

Craig Yr Haul

“I have always greatly valued the professional advice and expertise provided by Seel & Co.”

David Melding AM

“Seel & Co have managed our site continually for the past 17 years. During that time they have provided an efficient and professional service.”

Lake Park

“Since Seel & Co took over the management of the flats a few years ago I have been impressed with the efficiency and professionalism with which you have carried out the work.”

Brian Williams

“Seels have been very successful in ensuring our Community in Britway Court is managed well and diplomatically. They offer independent advice, legal or otherwise, to our Directors. They also ensure that we always have fully accredited and insured Traders for any work that may be done on the property. They are only a call away for any issue, and ensure a secure environment for all our Lease Owners.”

Janice Holmes-Warley

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PPM Locksmiths – 029 2023 1717

Noise Nuisance

Cardiff County Council – 0300 123 66 96
Police - 101


Western Power – 0330 123 5002 (Power Outages – not just your property / flat)
Wales & West – 0800111999 (Gas Leak)

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Welsh Water – 0800 052 0130 (Water issues, e.g. discoloured, loss of supply)


Dyno-Rod – 0029 2081 3535

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