Gate Safety Week – Oct 10-16

Safe Gates Save Lives is the core message of Gate Safety Week this year, taking place from the 10-16 October. The main aim of this campaign is to educate and inform both professional installers, industry contacts and the general public on the risks posed by poorly installed and maintained gates and the things to look out for in a dangerous gate.

According to the campaign of the 500,000 powered gates in service today, less than 1/3 are in a safe condition for users. As powered gates are increasingly being used by parents at the end of their drive-ways the risk posed to children is become particularly acute.

At Steel and Co we are proud to join leading charities in giving our full support to this important life-saving campaign and fully committed to ensuring safety for users of acres at buildings we manage. We recognise the importance of properly installed and maintained powered gates in preventing accidents. This is why as a responsible and safety approved organisation all sites managed by us are fully compliant with current legal responsibilities.

This includes the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Our costumers can also be assured that we hold the Door and Hardware Federation’s own Safety Assured Mark.

As such, we encourage any tenant who uses a gate at any buildings we manage to report any dangers so new can work with our partners to check the operation and condition of our powered gates. At Seel and Co we don’t cut any corners on your safety.

To find more about Gate Safety Week visit where you can find guidance on what to look out for and how you can help to prevent accidents. You can also support the campaign yourself by sharing this blog and spreading the message on social media.

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