Sellers – here’s why November is a great time to get your house on the market

As the nights draw in and the heating goes on, thoughts of selling a home can often be put off until Christmas has come and the New Year heralds. But while you may think November is a quiet time in the property market, this actually makes it a great time to get your property listed and details out there – and here is why?

Focused buyers

November wheedles out the time wasters and the ‘not really sure we want to move yet’ people that take up valuable time and effort when you are serious about selling your property.

November buyers are a more focused, determined crowd that knows what they want and will get on with the process when they find the right property for them. And it could be your property.

Fewer Properties on the Market

As many sellers will hold out until the New Year, putting your house up for sale in November means that there are less properties on the market at the same time – thus giving you the competitive advantage.

Buyers are less likely to have a few that they are deciding between and far more likely to commit to your property without delay.

Cosy Up and Warm the Heart

As the cold snaps keep coming, making your house feel warm and welcoming will help buyers get a feel for life in your house. In the summer, people,focus on the outdoor spaces, whereas the winter is the time to let your comfortable house do the talking.

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